Sarah Etonge Foundation is a dully registered non profit making organization based in Buea Fako Division South West Region of Cameroon Central African training young people in Sports, this Foundation have the Reg N° 631/G.27/C83/VOL.||/SAAJP.

The Foundation vision is to help people achieve their life goals by delivering them with our quality and innovation programs across our main themes; Education, Sports, Health, Women’s and child right, Disability, Communities development and Cultural activities.
We make a huge impact on street children’s, orphans, and Adult by providing them with

Educational qualification and personal skills, increasing participation and help improve their basic health, we support children’s with disability or talented athletes to progress in their chosen sports we make the difference and help them achieve their goals.


-To inspire and raise aspirations enabling continued participation, supporting Education, Sports and personal development to create a more active and Healthy way of life.
-To work together to make a positive impact on individual and the wider communities to enable people to achieve their goals and progression in life.
-To give a wide range of innovation programmes that would engage people through Education, Sports women’s and child right, Health, Community development, cultural activities to better the people and their communities.

For more information about Sarah Etonge Foundation visit

Sarah Etonge Foundation

Tel:+237 677161861/ +237 6 75810344

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